Make your vision of soul-level success real.

Are you growing a business that feeds your life – your most dynamic and beautiful life? Or does it feel like everything revolves around work and ‘making’ more money? Are you finding yourself feeling tired - the success you’ve had feeling slightly hollow, like a whisper of what you really wanted when you set out on the path of entrepreneurship?

I want to see you claim a life and a business that is incredibly meaningful and aligned with the truth of who you are and the life you are here to live.

I’m Nona Jordan: master certified coach, energy worker and former CPA. I support teachers, healing practitioners, and creative entrepreneurs who want loving support, fierce commitment and visionary inspiration to chart a course for soul-level business success and venture into clear action. I am ridiculously enthusiastic when it comes to tracking your vital truth, interpreting metaphors and their meaning, and calling on the wealth of wisdom within you and all around you to craft a cellular, full body experience of success.

Are you all in? 

Real world results:

  • “I’m doing the work I’m here to do.” Visionary clarity led to decisive action and changed the course of a career – working in his zone of genius and loving every minute of his work.
  • “My business has never felt this abundant.” Taking the risk and calling on deep knowing changed the essence of  her business offerings and led to an influx of ideal clients and cash flow without obsessing on making more money.
  • “I’m saying YES to what’s truly important (and saying no to what’s not).” Defining her vision led to less over-scheduling and more room to say YES to what’s really important: 5-figure speaking engagements and the energy to focus on her beautiful family.
  • “I’m showing up daily and it’s changing everything.” Daily practices connecting with nature and listening to her wealth of inner wisdom grew her acupuncture business by 100% in six months.
  • “My life feels the way I’ve always dreamed it would.” Making time for play and connection with friends has increased her experience of deep meaning and richness in ALL areas of her life – including more money in her investments.

Prepare to celebrate - your experience of yourself, your business and your life is going to change radically.

Sound good? It is. 

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Nona Jordan | Master Certified Coach, energy worker, & former CPA

What Women Say… 

DeniseCI decided to work with Nona because I really wanted to focus on growing my business without so much fear and hesitancy – to achieve more financial security and confidence in my worth.

After working with Nona, I feel hopeful for the first time in years. My money is in my control – not just something that happens to me. I now happily track my money and I decide where it goes and how to put it to work in my life. I have already seen a return on my investment through increased business income – it was well worth every penny!

You will be amazed by the growth you will experience working with Nona – I highly recommend her!

-Denise Cannellos, Cancer and Chronic Disease Nutritionist

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