Financial health and wellbeing for women in business.

You went into business as a healer, teacher, coach or creative entrepreneur to do work you love and to make a life-affirming income. You didn’t go into business to work non-stop, miss out on your life, or to be anxious and worried about money all the time, right?

It’s time to change business as usual to the ideal business that supports the life you desire. Together, we’ll create that for you. Right earning and rich living on your terms.

A financially empowered woman owns her destiny. 

I’m Nona Jordan, master certified business coach and former CPA. I support women like you who want to create a vibrant financial, business and life legacy of right earning and rich living for themselves, their families and their communities. Together we will focus on helping you get right with your money, define what rich living is for you, and take decisive action to create your business and life vision.

Where powerful intentions, clear energy and action meet – that is where we will make magic for you.

This is a game changer for women.

Here’s a short list of results that the creative and spiritual powerhouses who work with me regularly report…

  • Increased business income. “I tripled my income in three months. I make more now than I did in my corporate job.”
  • Getting paid! “I raised my prices and stopped giving away my services for free – it feels awesome to be getting paid what I’m worth!”
  • Mastery of business and money. “I set up systems for my business and paid my taxes without stress… I paid off my debt and I’ve started investing money for my future which feels amazing!”
  • From victim to empowered. “I know that I can do whatever I set my mind to and it’s showing in my business!”
  • Loving their work, loving the financial flow. “My business is thriving and I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do.”

Sound good? It is. 

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Nona Jordan | Master Coach, energy worker, & former CPA

What Women Say… 

DeniseCI decided to work with Nona because I really wanted to focus on growing my business without so much fear and hesitancy – to achieve more financial security and confidence in my worth.

After working with Nona, I feel hopeful for the first time in years. My money is in my control – not just something that happens to me. I now happily track my money and I decide where it goes and how to put it to work in my life. I have already seen a return on my investment through increased business income – it was well worth every penny!

You will be amazed by the growth you will experience working with Nona – I highly recommend her!

-Denise Cannellos, Cancer and Chronic Disease Nutritionist

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